NuSpace Events

Unfortunately, there are no upcoming events at this time. Please check again later.

  • Advanced Docker & Scaling Infrastructure

    Fri, Nov 16th at 6:30PM
    Learn advanced Docker concepts and how to scale your infrastructure.
  • DevOps x Halloween

    Wed, Oct 24th at 6:30PM
    DevOps meets Halloween in our October Nulab Drinking Code event. Learn some spells and more!  
  • Big Data, Singapore v 2.0

    Mon, Oct 8th at 6:00PM
    An evening of exciting talks from Data Science Industry leaders and experts.
  • Agile Development & Marketing

    Fri, Sep 28th at 6:30PM
    Join Nulab #DrinkingCode to learn about Agile development & marketing
  • Exploring Data Science

    Fri, Aug 31st at 6:30PM
    Take a dive into Data Science with 4 industry professionals who will share their experience, projects, and useful tips.
  • Agile Circles Meetup

    Thu, Aug 23rd at 7:00PM
    Bond with Agile practitioners and discuss challenges & solutions.
  • UX: The Hybrid Designer/Developer + Design Insights

    Tue, Jul 24th at 6:00PM
    Find out what it takes to be a full stack designer, get insights on UX design, and learn about UX in AR and UX testing.
  • Golang: WebSocket + Streaming Tech

    Wed, Apr 25th at 6:00PM
    Take an in-depth look at the Go programming language and its core concepts.

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